Monday, December 7, 2009

i gotta new camera but I don't got pictures

sixteen miles on the erie canal....

a horrible elementary school song stuck in my head!

I've been feeling better. A couple of weeks ago pregnancy hormones were waging WAR on my body and I was crying like almost everyday.

I got through that. Now I'm just a little sappy and emotional but I do have things I really want to complain about....

technology: Why do we use a virtual homeschool when I seriously have a hatred of technology. Addie keeps wanting to get on these little class sessions with other kids and every time I go to do it I have some huge technical difficulty. She always has the saddest look on her face while I grumble and mess with the microphone and break into a sweat.

Also my cell phone which was a FREE phone handed down from Steph started leaking battery acid everywhere and our cordless phone needs a new battery too. So I've been disconnected from telephones for like 4 days. People are always saying "I CAN NEVER GET A HOLD OF YOU!" I tell them to just come over and knock on my door because there is probably some reason I'm not answering my I'm trapped with children crawling all over me, or I'm not home, or my phones are all exploding with toxic gas. There is a really good reason I promise.

Besides my technology complaints here is some more things I'd like to do away with.....

1. Twilight(yes I'm a hater)

2. the christmas shoes song (it's just wrong)

3. the christmas song about some guy running into his high school girlfriend in the grocery store (it has nothing to do with christmas except for the very end when they play like aud lang syne)

4. inflatable christmas decor (my children LOVE those with a passion and every time we see one ask why we can't get some in our yard)

things I need more of:

1. gum drop garland that is pre strung

2. snuggling and reading stories by our christmas tree

3. someone to do all the rest of the shopping and wrapping for me
( I am officially the worst present wrapper in the world! oh wait...danny is worst I'm second worst)

love you all!


Katie said...

Amen and Amen!!! I read the entire Twilight series only because my sister said I had no right to mock them unless I read them all because I JUST WOULDN'T GET IT. I have officially earned the right to not get it.

Another one for the list of non-Christmas Christmas songs is the George Michael one about "Last Christmas, I gave you my heart and the very next day, you gave it away." (Sadly, I think that Ashley Tisdale did a remake of it, so a whole new generation gets to enjoy this gem.) No Christmas song should include the phrase "Once bitten, twice shy." It is just WRONG.

Chapman Channel said...

HAHA--I love it all. But seriously, you're breakin' my heart with the twilight hatred. But, I still love you. Oh, and for pete's sake suck it up and buy a new phone!!!!! AUGH

Amelia said...

Katie...I read the first one so I didn't have the pleasure of finishing the series...but honestly...I could have read the whole first book in like 1 hour because it's mostly her talking about Edwards hot bod. AHH. That snog makes me crazy too!

Steph, you will be pleased to know my phone is enroute in the mail. So people will eventually be able to call me again.

Anonymous said...

I can hold my own in the gift wrapping. I pretty much rock.



Anonymous said...

I have seen Twlight and New moon and have read the Twlight some of the twlight series. I had to because everyone was so raving about it. But, honestly, I am not sure what makes it so "great". It's okay but nothing to engulf yourself in. I'm confused on the matter, LOL!!!!