Monday, November 30, 2009


here is the entire Larson Family, thanksgiving was delayed because of plagues of pink eye, strep throat, swine flu and who knows what else. We still managed to get together and celebrate a couple of days late. hooray!
decorating our christmas tree...and here is the best news...I got to retire my kodak easyshare and let it rest in peace as the designated kids camera and we got a new Sony I dunno what's it called...but it's a huge improvent. My christmas is now complete!
I just liked the raspberries on this yummy concoction Rachel made....
Here are the two cutest nephews in the world! Except for Dane of course...
our humongously long thanksgiving table! I'm so glad Rachel has a huge house to have family get togethers in.....we usually host a family event about 2 times a year and we all are eating on folding chairs and the floor!
Eva's brown eyes are chocolicious!
Oliver again! I need to put some pics of the rest of my neices and nephews on here. We had a good time but it flew by, we celebrated two birthdays, watched Nathan Terry prance around in glow in the dark footy jammies, and ate ate ate until we could eat no more. I'm on the celery, fat free ranch, and lettuce diet until I have this baby! I swear I'm going to break 200 this time. ACCCCCCKKKK!

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