Saturday, May 29, 2010

once upon a time

there were three little girls who loved going to the farm. Everytime they went, the farmer would let them go in the chicken coop and pick out some eggs. Everytime they picked out eggs they would cradle them lovingly in their hands, or in the hood of their sweaters, until they would usually crack. And then all heck would break lose. Then the little girls mommy, or grandma or whoever, would go find the farmer and demand more eggs immediately. Then they would be at peace once again. Because these were not just any eggs. They were special eggs that could possibly contain a baby chick.
So then the mommy in a moment of chick hatching excitement devised her own incubator because yes, she is that brilliant. It involved an old cardboard box, a thermometer, two lamps, and that's about it. Well the farm egg loving family pretty much tossed the eggs in the box and forgot about them for quite a while.
Until, one day, while getting ready for bed. There was a chirp. And the little girls ran to see what happened. Because this wasn't their first set of eggs....this was their third set of eggs and the mommy had pretty much given up all hope that her homemade ingenuity would ever produce anything more than a rotton they looked in side...and...............
here she/he is.....Cookie Flower dotson
an angry little chick who is quite aggressive but he was a survivor. Anyone want a chicken?

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