Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the church of stop shopping

I watched a strange documentary about some people who decided shopping was evil and made "the church of stop shopping" and they go downtown New York City and cast demons out of cash registers and like de-demonize the metallic stripe down their credit cards and stuff. Anyways Mickey Mouse was supposedly the anti-christ.
I kinda can feel it. I went to the mall with the kids because they told me they would tie me up and steal my keys and drive themselves if I didn't take them there. I couldn't find one thing to buy. And it was horribly crowded and people were giving dirty looks to eachother and lots of stuff stuff and more stuff. And suddenly I was just like....I don't want one thing in this whole mall. So we walked around....checked out Santa, rode a tiny train, played with a sad puppy in the puppy store and left.
So my family might all be disappointed this year because I can't seem to find anything anyone might want or need. I'm going to become the crazy aunt who gives homemade knitted hats with santa on them and stuff....my gift giver has just given up on the retail world I guess.

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