Thursday, December 9, 2010

here she is....

our illustrious tree courtesy of Addie and Lena and Eva. It's a little heavy on the decor down low but I think I like it that way.
harvey has been helping rearrange ornaments as well. He's trying so hard to crawl but he ends up in a down dog position. then he gets really frustrated and starts screaming. I'm like...Breathe in breathe out you're not going to let your chakras flow with all that tension. sheesh.
Eva and Addie are feeling the Christmas cheer. Where they can rearrange the nativity set every day and hold baby Jesus hostage and fight over who gets to be Mary in the christmas play. They are wrapping up old toys and Eva is whispering what they are in my ear...even the gift she is giving me. One of my own necklaces....."Mommy it's YOUR necklace! SHHHH!"
Today my car is in the shop, we are locked up in the house cleaning out closets and the girls are posting "No boys allowed" signs everywhere. With the exception of babies and daddies.

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