Monday, May 16, 2011

two years ago

this was my Addie (in the middle) ......I love Lena's helmet and Dane's spiderman pajama shirt. And looking at old pictures I realized I'm going to miss Addie's silver capped front teeth like crazy. One of those things that you just don't realize it's even happening until it's too late and they are long gone. Addie has best friends in her cousins and that's a blessing. I only had a couple of cousins and we only saw them maybe twice a year. Not that we didn't live it up. We swam in the Holiday Inn pool at Christmas and ate pizza and then spent summer sunning on my grandma's beach and drinking root beer out of emptied out beer cans. These cousin relationships are more day to calls just to sit on the internet and play a game together, fighting, teasing, chasing, and laughing with inside jokes and crazy plans. All these kids!

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