Thursday, May 5, 2011

I see the SUNNNNNN

It is finally sunny and it has boosted my mood tremendously.
We are loading up our kites and blankets and heading to the park.
This month has been one of a bit of spring fever moodiness for all of us.......
we just need to get our hands in some dirt and get some natural rays of light instead of watching Rapunzel on repeat and hanging out in the stinky indoor playground at the Y. Not that the stinky indoor playgruond didn't save my sanity many a day. But it's May 5th no less and that's reason for a FIESTA so it's gonna happen that way gosh darnit.

The happy things in my life lately......

Harvey is still my baby being a snuggly nursing wonder and he is my dreamboat!!

Addie and Eva were caught lying in bed this morning holding hands and whispering about what they were going to surprise me with for Mothers day :)

Danny always knows what to tell me after a dark sunless day to make me laugh and feel happy again........

My sisters are my best friends and I get to go out with them and my mama for a mothers day night out tomorrow.

I read a book called "Hectors search for Happiness" I need to add a rule of happiness...."Too many days without light can make people unhappy"

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