Monday, January 30, 2012

my add has a name

I'm a scanner.   I read a book about scanners.  Not the computer kind.  The human kind.  A scanner is a kind of person who likes too many things to pick just one.  They have a really hard time picking a major in college.  I started as music, switched to Art, got accepted into two Art programs, switched to architecture, quit that after a day considered English.   Ended up dropping out of college after a 2 year degree and haven't gone back.  (except to take piano lessons and join a performance class) Worked for the IRS for 5 years, taught piano for 8-10, and besides that have had three kids.  I taught myself to knit and crochet.  Danny taught me how to thread a sewing machine and I learned to sew.  I learned how to use a pottery wheel but never continued with it.  I like to paint but only do it on occasion and most of them involve sitting at the kitchen table modeling how to paint a rainbow with fluffy white clouds, green grass, and possibly a family of kittens or puppies.  I produce art for 2 demanding art critics ages 8 and 4 with a relentless need for rainbows and hearts and flowers. 
So if you are a scanner this is what you should do, ahem, as the title of the books says "REFUSE TO CHOOSE"  So I can free myself from the external pressure I imagine on myself to make something of my life and just enjoy all the random hobbies and interests I've had.  One idea they say is make a huge list of everything you want to DO....because scanners are DOers not see'ers.  I totally relate to that because I've never felt that excited to "see" something but the thought of producing something makes me a little here are some things I want to do....
crochet flower headbands
sew more dresses for my girls
sew harvey bowties with matching vests
learn to knit socks
make animal hats for the kids
sell some crafts on etsy
make more cloth diapers and sell them
get ceritified to be a doula (and if I like that persue becoming a midwife or nurse midwife)
teach Eva to read
read books to ALL 3 of my kids
keep running 
print off family pictures
paint something cool for the kids rooms
read more about investing
buy real estate
become warren buffett
buy a new chair 
line the backs of my bookcases with scrapbook paper
make felt animals 
make a recycled wool sweater wreath
make polymer clay stuff
crochet more birds in eggs

I know I can't do it all at once but that's a good reference list.  and if you too feel like you have attention deficit disorder you could be like me........ a total pathetic loser.  hahahha.  no you too could just be a scanner and it is totally acceptable for you to never be able to finish a project or focus that well because it's HOW your BRAIN WORKS!