Sunday, January 8, 2012

virtual vitamin d

 we went to florida in december and it was soooo nice.  I'm totally moving down there every winter as soon as I can.  Snow is good but sunshine and sand beat it any day in my book.  Although we haven't had snow much either in ohio........
we stayed in new smryna beach and it was quiet  but close to everything.
Harveys "butt butt" That's what he calls it. 
I'm trying to figure out my camera.....I just have a oldish sony cybershot.  I blurred the background a little on that one.  That's what I was going for. 
After the initial freak outs about jelly fish...I think we overwarned them not to step on jelly fish.  They thought every piece of plastic on the beach was a jellyfish and they were like screaming non stop the first day or two. salt water reminded everyone of salty popcorn and the salty air made everyone feel healthy.  I think it cleared out my head.   I am so an old person in my heart.
the foot shot.  I have weird toes and they're hairy.  but check out our pool.