Thursday, September 5, 2013

its alllliiive

my blog is still alive!  it was dead.  it locked me out for some period of time and unfortunately I didn't even care that much.  I'm sorry.  I love you blog but not that much.  Not to actually figure out why I was locked out.  Now you are back.SOooooooo

Addie started 4th grade.  She has a teacher who is a tall ice hockey player named Miss Siehl and she says she is her favorite teacher so far.  She's happy so I'm happy.

Eva started 1st grade.  The girls ride the bus together, and sit together.  I love seeing their faces wave to me from the same seat as the bus pulls away in the morning.  It's sisterly love (for the moment).  And I never hesitate to yell in a frantic mom voice from the front door "I LOVE YOU COOKIE!" 
 Eva's nickname.  I hope I can do that till she graduates.  She always gives me a dirty look.

Harvey is in the school of netflix.  It is hard to get into.  It requires 8 dollars a month and an ability to puruse through many bad 90's cartoons and made for tv movies.  He's doing pretty well so far and has found several courses (Wild Kratz, Garfield, Power Rangers) that he is doing really well at.  

Mr. Dotson is attending 5th grade for the 8th year in a row.  I hope he doesn't lose his marbles.  I don't know how long he can keep it up.  If I had to attend 5th grade that long I'd probably run away to another country and join the circus.  He's still here, so that's going well I guess. 

as for me, I'm a commitment phobe and have been running but still haven't signed up for my half marathon.  Jeff Galloway is the bomb!  he has helped my running so much.  Read Jeff Galloway.  I'm not kidding.  He will have you running more miles than you ever thought possible.  And you will feel good.  And only be running 3 days a week.  Otherwise, I've just been getting the piano calender set up for fall, taking Harvey out with me when he isn't in school (watching netflix) and trying to think of vegetarian ish dinners to feed the family. I fell off the boat for like a week and gained 5 pounds!  I seriously can't eat meat or cheese it makes me blow up.  I let the kids eat it a bit because they need to blow up, but me, no need whatsoever.