Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Green cookies and marshmallows

I don't know if that's how you spell marshmellows so I apologize.
Anyways, in honor of St. Patty's day we made some green sugar cookies with green icing. I found the recipe online and it made some seriously good, perfectly soft sugar cookies.
I am SOO ready for Spring. Since we can't go outside I keep making stuff, like Sunday I made banana bread and peanut butter no bakes.
Yesterday the green sugar cookies. The sad part is my family doesn't eat food. I swear days go by when no one eats anything except me. So I know I'm going to end up eating enough for 5 people and add to my obesity.
I got tricked by Addie into buying a bag of marshmellows because she said we could skip the oreos if we got the marshmellows. I was cool with that because the oreos were 2 dollars more.
SO we got home and she kept asking for the marshmellows every five minutes.
the conversation follows:
"mom i want marshmellows"
me: "No you need to eat real food"
"But I really want marshmellows"
me:"Well sorry you have to eat real food first"
Addie: "Well can I have marshmellows after I eat real food"
me: "Um Sure."
Addie: "I want sausage"
Me: "Okay fine."
so she proceeds to eat 2 sausage links which was kind of nauseating at like 2 o clock in the afternoon.
Addie "Now do I get marshmellows?"
me: "Yes fine. Eat the marshmellows."
This convinced me of my childrens eating issues and well it just made me slightly disgusted with myself. I feel like so many parents have the whole eating thing down. Their children eat like perfect portions of vegetables, only eat at snack times and actually eat normal dinners every night. My children get the occasional pea or broccoli but I am so bad at the schedule thing. I'm trying really I am!


kim said...

Oh, honey, I've got a couple of those. Evan (my 4 year old) won't eat ANYTHING. He just looks at it and says, "I don't like this" even if its one of his favorites! And when I serve things I know he likes -- and remind him that he does, in fact, like it, he eats like, 2 bites and says, "I'm done!" and then throws a tantrum cause he can't have candy afterwards! Hopefully its a phase!

Stephanie and Aaron said...

Well, I think Oliver's a pretty good eater at this point, but it's certainly getting more confusing to tell what he wants becuase for some reason lately instead of saying "YES" he'll say "No" for everything...even the stuff he really wants. Toddler mind games are complex. I'm on Addie's side, though. I like sausage and I like Marshmallows...why not make a meal of it? hehe

Amelia said...

hhahaha. good point! I'm glad I'm not alone in my woes. Addie's 4 too so hopefully it's a 4 year old thing!