Wednesday, March 26, 2008

creepy easter bunnies

I think Easter is a lovely holiday-you have the colored eggs, the marshmellow peeps, the easter dresses. It's all just splendid. ALTHOUGH
LAST Easter I was so horribly sick I thought I was going to die.
This Easter was looking good, no one was obviously sick. Addie was psyched for the bunny. We had daily drawn out conversations about the bunny.
Addie "Does the bunny have a key to our house?"
Me "No...well maybe. I don't know."
Addie "HE DOES HAVE A KEY!! HE DOES! And he's big like a giant like you."
Addie, thinking for a minute..."MOM I don't want to see the bunny."
Me "Well then sleep in really really late and you won't see the bunny."
Addie is an extremely early riser and I was hoping that might keep her in bed another hour or so.
So we continued our Easter preparations, dying eggs with very cheap cruddy Target dye that didn't work at all. The only color that worked was the blue, and EVa grabbed it and threw it and Addie kept yelling...."EVA TIE DYED THE FLOOR!!" I was literally covored in blue dye for a day, and as bad as the dye worked on the eggs, I could not scrub it off my toes for the life of me. I ended up having blue fungus looking toenails for Easter.
Easter day was very fun with the fam. at my sisters house.
Anyways here's to scary rabbits!


Rachel H said...

hahah! That is so funny that Addie called the Easter Bunny a giant "like you" hahah! Oh- kids... they are the reason for all these holidays anyway aren't they?

crochetdlane said...

O hey Amelia!! Yes I remember you!!! How are you and those adorable girls?? Have you crocheted anything lately?? ;) It was so nice to hear from you!! When life ever slows down just a little, we need to get together with our girls. Maybe at the park or something. Okay? Hugs!