Thursday, March 6, 2008


My dream last night was funny/weird. Danny and I were sitting on a hill overlooking a really big courthouse and it was Valentines day. For some reason I was like so happy because this was so romantic, sitting and staring at this courthouse. Besides the fact that next to the courthouse was a huge wrecking ball truck. So we sit, holding hands and Danny brings out this huge beautifully wrapped gift. (no offense Danny but that is not reality...usually he has Addie help him wrap the gift and it's ...well...lets just say it's a "special" wrapping job). Anyways, he's like, "Don't open the gift now. WAIT!" So I sit there and wait. And then there is like this weird psychadelic sunset behind the courthouse. Right at that moment he tells me to open the gift. So I open this amazing gift with a humongous bow on top, and inside it is
TWO size LARGE mens T shirts. One is Yellow and one is Green.
He starts smiling and he puts on the green one. Then he tells me the yellow one is for me. I like get SOOOOO mad I start screaming at him. "DO YOU THINK I'M THAT FAT!! THAT IS THE WORST GIFT EVER!!" and I start crying.
Then I wake up, with the image of the weird wrecking ball-courthouse-tshirts in my brain.
WHAT does it mean?


Rachel H said...

THAT is so funny!!! hahaha...You clearly have deeply seated fears about getting really lame gifts that show what someone "really" thinks about you. As clearly as a size LARGE mens t-shirt in yellow.

The Cochran Family said...

Hmmm, maybe it means Danny is going to surprise you with a trip to the courthaoue and buy you a guys yellow and green tee-shirts. The dream was just to prepare you for your reaction. LOL

Stephanie and Aaron said...

Okay, dreams are soooo weird. Since I've been prego I've had too many weird and freaky dreams to count!!! Last night was no different...they keep getting more and more bizarre or gross. Every morning I have to force myself to stop thinking about them or they'll drive me nuts.

Amelia said...

hahaha. I think if that dream really plays out I'm totally going to smile and tell him "I LOVE IT" just so the karmatic forces don't get me. the sad thing is...remember when danny gave me the electric razor for V. day? if I can handle that I can take anything.hahaha. the pathetic thing was I was really happy. yay now I can shave my legs with no water!!!