Friday, June 20, 2008

50's family field trips

Riding the turtles...they rode the turtles 5 times

We had what we thought was a scary bean tree that this spring bloomed into a huge flowering wonder. The petals fell down and looked like snow.
We thought the kids would like ohio caverns...

weird stalacmites that Eva threw a gemstone at. We said she was going to hit the "crystal king" and shatter it.
More coney Island

We've had FAMILY FUN for the past couple days....we keep saying to Addie "IF ITS NOT FUN WE"RE NOT DOING IT" and "IF ITS FUN... WE'RE DOING IT!"
This has made me laugh because both of them stare at us really blankly with no expression.So As you can see there's been plenty o fun.


Rachel H said...

I love the MANTRA. We need to just have days where that's all we say on a regular basis. I think it would make the world a better place!=)

aaron said...

I wish I could have a few days of "If its not fun I'm not doing it!" I can't wait to take Oliver to go on some fun rides like that--he was so sad at the zoo not to go on the carousel...I felt like a real bum. What kind of mom doesn't bring a dollar for her baby to ride the carousel???

first lady said...

THat looks like soo much fun. do u think u might be able to the wegerzyn gardens? its on siebenthaler ave close to the boonshoft museum

The Cochran Family said...

i keep hearing about this "50s themed vacation" not sure what that means exactly, guys look like you having a lot of fun! I can't beleive how grown-up Eva looks! Listen sista, you need to drive on over yonder to colmbi-westerbus and hang out with us cool kids in the attic club! I want to chill with you and your crazies! I'll see you on sunday at the blessing, maybe you could stay the night and hang with us on monday too!?? Like how I'm inviting you to stay at not my house? :)

Amelia said...

For someone reason my comments weren't being sent to my email so I just kept thinking there were ZERO comments on this. Actually I bet you thought I rejected every comment. I'm going to start rejecting every single comment from now on. hehehe.