Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rainy drainy brainy day

It's been a little rainy the past 2 days. So we've been stuck in the house.
I started thinking about how much TV my kids watch. YES even Eva will sit under a blanket and stare endlessly at the tube. Yesterday after a full morning of PBS cartoons and then a series of movies I flipped off the TV and was like WE CAN'T WATCH ANYMORE TV!!
Addie was like "Why?"
I said "Because it will rot your brain and it's making me crazy."
Addie "Then what will I do?"
Me "I don't know. You will have to use your imagination and think of something."
So then we have like a whining session for about 15 minutes of her saying, I HAVE NOTHING TO DO. And everything I suggest is "boring". I'm like, color a pictures..."BORING"
play with Chilly dog ....she says "BORING" , teach Eva how to do her shape sorter "BORING" and on and on. Until I children have absolutely no creative processes going on here. I need to make a serious plan. So then I say....How about we go to the dollar store and we are going to buy a timer. When the timer hits 1 hour you have to quit watching tv. You get 1 hour a day. That's it. When it rings...times up. You have to find something new to do.
I felt very proud of my plan and she seemed to go along with it.
So we are about to hear the timer ring this morning and I'm doubting my sanity with it only being 8 a.m. Hmmmm.


The Cochran Family said...

Ok am I crazy or did I just read that post was at 5:15 a.m.? Wow you are going to go crazy. I have never limited tv with the kids. Ryan used to watch a lot more, but now he hardly ever watched it. I guess I'm lucky that way. If I turn it on and say come watch this he will. I think it can be somewhat a phase for some kids. But she will get used to it, and move onto something else...

Stephanie and Aaron said...

I personally think this is a brilliant idea...perhaps a bit challenging, but very wise for the long-haul. Oliver's brain is on the fast track to being toast if I can't get him weaned off the three or so hours of tv he watches almost every day. At least he isn't watching this lineup: The simpsons, Married with Children, The Family Guy, Sex 'n the City, Maury, Jerry Springer...hmmm...the list of trashy tv could go on and on. Thank heavens for PBS. Whatever happened to the nice family shows like full house and Family Matters? I miss TGIFriday!! Am I alone in missing those shows?