Monday, May 19, 2008

worm love

The kiss
My bug lover
Eva second after almost ingesting a worm
our new yard
Addie has been a bug a phobic for as long as she has been on the Earth. I have to blame myself because I probably traumatized her as a baby because I viciously would squash any wandering bug that would enter our home.

Last year it got to the point where the site of a microscopic ant would make her scream like a man jumped out the bushes with a knife.

So I've pretty much been trying to downplay bugs in general. I'll say like...."It's just a little sweet antie looking for some yummy grass to eat!!" What do ants really eat? Crumbs? I don't know.

Or I'll see a huge spider perched on the side of the house and Il'l just say...."Awww look at the cute spider making a pretty web!" inside I'm like wanting to run and spray it with that horrible foaming poison that I used to use on all scary looking bugs.

So we've been having a marvelous time digging in the dirt outside our house and we discovered a worm hideout. There were tons of worms. At first I really really didn't want to touch one.

BUT I was like thinking SUCK IT UP LADY. It's just a little can do it.

SO I picked it up commenting on how "cool" it felt to hold the worm.

Addie took a deep breath and touched it. Then she picked one up tentatively. Then before I knew she was holding it and letting it wiggle up her hand.

Of course Eva got in on the worm action and picked one up opened her mouth and almost ate it.

Addie thought it was so funny she kept saying "Eva kissed the worm!" Before i know, Addie was dangeling a worm in front of her mouth and she planted a huge kiss on the worm.

Now I can't get the girl to stop kissing worms. She is having a love affair with worms that is slightly strange but I have to say it's alot better then having her screaming every time a lady bug crosses her path.

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Rachel H said...

Amel- that is so funny! I agree, but it still sounds kinda gross... =)