Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ADDIE'S 5!!!!!

Addie's birthday was last week. She of course, wanted the requisite "princess party". It was her first friends party and we invited 3 little girlfriends over and they played games, ate candy until I was worried they would throwup, and did the balloon wish send off. That got a little stressful because some of the kids didn't want to make a wish and send off their balloon into the sky which was no big deal. Addie was determined though, to send every balloon into Heaven. She was like..."Excuse me can I please hold your balloon?"

other little girl..."Umm okay!"

Addie then promptly released the balloon to the sky with her friend looking irate.

She woke up the morning of her birthday and yelled "I"M 5!!!!"

On another note, I made my first REAL BOWL and CUP on the wheel last night. It was fun. The class is full of older ladies and one very silent older guy who is really good, and one youngish guy who kept talking about how much he loves bacon and flirting with all the 65 year old ladies. I really enjoy it but it does really dry out your hands. Now about getting a wheel at my house...hmmm.


The Cochran Family said...

Happy Birthday-do you remeber when we ran into eachother at the temple when you were "with child" and now she is 5!!! Time flies, but it really kinda does feel like a lifetime ago! Cute Party!

Amelia said...

I totally remember how miserable I felt that time at the temple and how I thought you looked so cute and skinny!!!