Wednesday, December 10, 2008

santa sightings

Yesterday we went, to Addie's joy and excitement, to the dentist!!!
I'm not kidding she loves the dentist. Our dentist is in Childrens medical center so theres alot to look at on the way in and out plus 2 elevator rides. They have a huge tropical fish tank, a gift shop filled with every kind of toy, and little cars they can ride in up to their dentist office. So it's like entering playland. Addie also has a huge love of her dentist. She was like...I can't wait for him to see my earrings!

So while we were sitting waiting for them to call her back we saw a herd of candy striper people singing christmas carols and marching down the hall with loads of toys. I think they were taking toys to the kids in the hospital. Addie and Eva were staring in shock at the amount of toys they pulled in wagons. And bringing up the back was Santa. He stopped and handed Addie and Eva both a little toy. Addie was yelling "SANTA SANTA!! HI SANTA!" Both of their eyes looked like they were going to pop out. Addie couldn't stop talking about it.

Afterwards I promised them we could go to the mall. Right when we walked in we saw Santa again and he looked different then the one we just saw. Addie was like..."Well this one has the right glasses so he must be the REAL santa." She promptly ran up to him and started telling him what she wanted for christmas which she refused to tell me because she said she was ONLY going to tell Santa. So after I forced Eva on his lap for the requisite picture, I whispered to him...."What did she say?" He said...."A WATER GUN and PENCILS and Construction PAPER!"

okay Addie wants a water gun which she told me afterwards she wants so she can squirt the missionaries. I'm not sure how she got that idea.

And construction paper and pencils.

I think Santa can handle that!


Rachel H said...

Millie - that is so funny! And what an easy Christmas list! Geez- I with I had that to deal with.. wanna trade?

Katrina said...

That dentist does rock!! I think I'm definitely taking Lilia there... I love Addie's idea for wanting water gun. Hilarious!!