Saturday, December 6, 2008

christmas shopping

Last night Danny and I went out and looked for christmas presents for Addie and Eva. It was really nice to get to go out ALONE and take a breather from the young'ns.
We were expecting an insane mosh pit at Target and it wasn't toooooo bad. Although they didn't have the toy I was looking for that they had in their ads. I asked an employee and I guess they only had that toy online. But we did raid the dollar section for stocking stuff. So then we went to Tuesday Morning and I got almost everything for the kids there. Danny kept finding things for himself too. Like an old fashioned build it yourself radio. When I say everything I mean like 3 things because we are really trying to not go crazy at Christmas. I want Addie and Eva to have a simple, as Addie would say "Mary and Laura" christmas. I had big plans to knit them dolls that look like them but I don't think that will happen because I've got way too much going on. But I did make them their names out of pottery and I'm going to hang each letter with red ribbon and wrap it up.

We had to run into walmart and then we went and got icecream.

Addie and Eva loved spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. My dad groomed them, and trimmed and painted their nails silver. When we got there Addie was laying down while my dad massaged her back with a massage thingy. It was really cute. They both read stories and fed them candy and yummy food and the kids slept all the way home and all the way into bed. It was a perfect Christmas shopping night.

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