Friday, December 19, 2008

what I'm doing what I need to be doing and what I might never do

I'm doing:  reading blogs/I'm supposed to be looking for a recipe for buckeyes
cleaning up my house because of reasons I can't reveal because I'm not sure who reads this (i need to make this private or whatever so I can really talk about my annoyances!)

helping addie make intricate crafts for her friends ...I really don't have time for this but she is the big boss and I let her tell me what to do WAAAY to much and it should be the other way around.  I should be putting that girl to work.

doing loads of laundry and unexpected laundry from potty training mishaps

What I need to be doing:
calling the trash people for not picking up our trash when they picked up all our neighbors trash.  OH YEAH THATS WHY IM ONLINE!!! I totally forgot.  I was looking for the phone number for our trash people.
 make my children lunch
make a list to buy the stuff for the christmas piano recital tomorrow
figure out where the heck the stuff I ordered online is...I still haven't gotten it.  I'm getting worried because it has two christmas gifts and all our christmas cards.  

What I might never do:
make buckeyes
make lovely little presents for the kids I teach in primary
send out christmas cards :(

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Chapman Channel said...

Hahaha--that makes me laugh. I am seriously understanding that feeling of "okay...I'm doing THIS...but I should be doing THAT."