Saturday, April 4, 2009

aldis day

I hate grocery shopping with a strange passion.
I always have.
When Danny and I were first married it was a chore we'd both save until the weekend and then race through Aldis and Kroger as fast as we could.

After I had Addie I kinda took the responsibility of grocery shopping on and I would take her out once a week or so and go grocery shopping. It was okay. I still didn't enjoy it but I kinda just dealt with it.

Then I had Eva and things changed once again.

Because grocery shopping became torturous to the point of me just not going at all.

For one...I can't focus in the grocery store. I get distracted by all the different things that I could possibly buy. I try to take a list but even making a list is really annoying .

So I'd end up getting nothing on my list, plus frozen pizzas, strange looking tropical fruit, and ice cream and popsicles.

So later on in the week we'd be out of everything and I'd be eating the last can of old pears and I'd tell everyone to eat oatmeal for dinner.

also when I'm in the store with the kids they start to get so hungry all they can think about is getting lunchables and juice. and we get distracted once again.

as a wonderful, loving service Danny does the grocery shopping on Saturdays. He takes the kids or one kid and does the dirty work and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. So I haven't had to enter aldis in several months.

but today I'm going. Because his bro. is coming over to help him build our swingset and I told him I'd take the kids and brave Aldis on a saturday. I'm actually okay with it because I haven't been there in so long I think I need to experience it so I once again have a renewed appreciation for the saturday grocery service.

I really do like Aldis. IT only has 3 aisles, there is only one brand to pick from, and there's very little confusion. Besides the interesting people you run into at aldis.

One day when addie was a baby we were all in Aldis and an older lady came up to us and pointed at Addie's hat and said..."DID YOU MAKE THAT HAT?" I was like "Yes." Then she was like...."That is soooo wonderful. that is just amazing. Look at that HAT! NEVER STOP MAKING THOSE HATS!"
then she like poked danny in the chest and was like "NEVER LET HER STOP MAKING THOSE HATS!"
he was like "Okay."
then she went into a discussion of how her husband made her stop doing things.



Rachel said...

What is it with lunchables and juice? I cannot make it through the grocery store without requests for lunchables and juice. The only other thing requested as often is candy. I don't get it.

Amelia said...

lunchables are a rip off too!! I made it through aldis thanks to my sister coming and helping me haul out my huge extra armegeddon size load of food.