Friday, September 4, 2009

what's coming up

That sounds disgusting I know....I blessed this pregnancy with my first episode of puking tonight.
I feel horrible, I look horrible, I pretty much feel like this baby is the boy in the bubble and I'm the bubble and I don't do much but protect it from all harm for a while before letting it out of the bubble. But this bubble isn't a happy bubble. anyways bad analogy.

Today while I was having school with Addie I heard a message on my answering machine. It was from the Drs. office I go to saying that I should call them back because they have my test results. I had NO idea what test results they were talking about. I've been to this dr. when I had the girls and they never call about test long as they're normal. Then I remembered they took like 3 containers of blood from me. And I started to panic....The baby has trisomy 18 and its not going to live past birth! What am I going to do? How can I bury my own child the second it's born? What kind of casket should I pick out? Or it could have down syndrome..or it could have spina bifida or something..... I started crying and ran down the stairs to get the phone and call them immediately.

As I was on the phone the nurse paused for a really long time and she was like...."You have a UTI so I'm calling in a prescription for you."

"I do???" I was almost ecstatic....."But I don't even feel like...any weird I don't feel like I have a UTI....are you sure?"

"Yes" she said. "We're sure. Now where do you want your prescription sent to?"

My mind is a fragile and troubling thing right now.
I need that sign....Stay calm and carry on....


Chapman Channel said...

Hahahah--I love this post. You definitely need that sign--a really BIG sign. And while you're at it--make one for me, too. hehe

first lady said...

mmm fun. not really sorry to back being sick !!! yuck..

i'll send you a email, i made my bloggo private, but i thought i sent u an email saying that. basically when you get the email it is coming from the addy of and it is going to ask you to accept the invite to read my blog, then accept and you can read away :) nothing to exciting going on here thou. i was going to joke and say ... shouldn't you be on your four or fifth pregnancy by now ;-) hee hee

i hope you feel better soon

Amelia said...

I know I mormon standard time you have 5 kids by thirty....but...I'm slackin...

Rachel H said...

Oh millie I am late in reading this but you are especially funny even though you're sick. I love that you immediately wonder what coffin to pick out. haha.