Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dedicatory Addie Birthday Post

Addie turned six today and I look back at my one year old blue eyed baby. Addie didn't walk until 18 months this was one of the first times she really stood up....

the strange outfits I put on her lasted until she wisened up at about two and started dressing herself......(i like dannys expression)

here we are today on the day of her birth

I never realized that my childrens' birthdays would be more important than many days....but they are. I think about that September sunny day Addie was born (really exhausting and difficult) and the moments we had when she was first born....she was really alert and I remember exclaiming about how beautiful she was and how I loved her so much as she stared at me with furrowed eyebrows. Addie's always been my serious girl, taking in the world before jumping in, watching and waiting but always happily so. She's never been moody and she is my sweet, pure love. Physically,she's tiny but she has a wise, big, spirit in her.

happy birthday!!

cell phone talking...a newfound hobby

She's become a reader, and a writer, and is all business everyday as she files her papers, and writes every color she can think of, and spells out long journal entries and makes her business calls to her cousins.


Chapman Channel said...

Addie is the epitome of a BIG spirit in a LITTLE body! She needs to make a business call to Oliver--he'd love it!

first lady said...

wow !! 6 yrs ago when we all were in the dayton branch having babies. :)

happy b-day

Amelia said...

She definately needs to get Oliver on her calling list...mostly the only one on her list is Lena...:)
I remember you telling me you were pregnant Kristy when I told you I was pregnant but you were like 2 or 3 months ahead of me. You were so good at being stealthy.

Rachel H said...

That is so cute Amelia! She and Lena have had such IMPORTANT calls too, with Lena ONLY referring to her as Adelaide. "Mom, I am ON THE PHONE, with ADELAIDE!" hahah. They are going to have lots of years calling eachother.