Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I need a new camera!!!

That sweet, fine and lovely camera I got for cheap at Sam's club six years ago...well it just ain't what it used to be. The screen is foggy...there are flecks everytime I take a picture and it looks like snow is in people's hair. I know this is an affect the professionals strive for......but.....I need one of those awesome new digital cameras with like 30 megapixels that makes EVERYONE look like a professional photographer just by tilting it a funny angle and zooming in. I also want it to take video too....soooo I guess I need to start hunting on the net.

So until then expect some crappy pictures!

This month has been difficult...if you haven't been able to tell that from my posts. I just am so sick of feeling like I am dying of cancer. I'm very, truly, extremely happy we are going to have a new baby shortly but this is the hard part for me. I would seriously rather be huge with back aches, and hemmrhoids,(how on earth do you spell that) and unable to go from a sitting to standing position than this early pregnancy junk. So I called my Doctor and said...."I feel so sick can you please help me!!" and they said...."Eat protein and a carb every two hours!" And then I said...."I'm throwing up my proteins and carbs!"
and then they told me to drink milk! That is like asking a vampire to eat garlic or something. BAAAAAAAAD! Milk, water and juice are really hard for me to drink. So I am basically always dehydrated.
So the nurse said..."Well we can call you in a special medicine that might help."
and I was very relieved....but the paranoid side of my brain was like.....OH NO this is going to make my baby have some bad deformity! So I asked her if it would make my baby deformed
and she was like "NO! We wouldn't tell you to take something that would do that."
and I was like...."Right of course." But inside I'm a little suspicious.

So I took it last night....I didn't think it helped for a while...but I got through the evening without throwing up...I even ate some bread and sat at the table while everyone ate dinner.

So I guess it works a little.

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