Wednesday, November 25, 2009

some recentish pictures

the day we found out we were having a male child.....I ate the meatiest breakfast EVER and eva colored her nose red for the celebration
Stephanie and Everett...sorry for my strange flash!
Child Labor numero 1: Addie frantically sewing on her sewing machine
Nathan's lookin' FIIIIIINE

the last of the fall flowers..........................
Child labor 2: Our pizza parlor...if you order a pizza from us you will get child labor but they are mastering the art of crust making. the secret ingredient is Eva's flyaway hairs..yummy.


Chapman Channel said...

I'd like to order a pizza--extra Eva Hairs! She is so cute making the crust, I would definitely love to eat it--hair and all. Addie is adorable slaving on her sewing machine. You have two perfectly able workers there--ready to bring in some extra cash!

Camille said...

ust to let you know you've been cracking me up on your blog! Love it! Oh, and I swiped your blogspot-background-page and I'm loving their designs! Congrats on to Danny for providing a 'Y' chromosome! Yay!

Amelia said...

hey you better invite me to read your blog! I hope you guys are doing well.