Sunday, March 14, 2010

how long can you put a boy in leg warmers?

because those are just really really cute.
I just got a pair that are brown with cars on them and I stare at them with a strange passion.....I just want to see my little child in some leg warmers is that too much to ask? But knowing me and my pregnancy longevity he will be fully one month old before he emerges into the world.
Why do I have to bake babies sooo long? Yes I know my due date isn't for 2 more weeks. And I usually go almost 2 weeks late. So I just need to be patient and continue to be sleep deprived because of the large kid suffocating my breathing capacity for another month until I can be sleep deprived because of a nursing crying little guy for another 12 months or so. Sleep deprivation is just part of my life now and I can't hardly remember ANYTHING. I think it's the long term effects of lack of sleep. I just have no memory for names, dates, events, I can hardly remember to feed the children 3 times a day. That's all I can do. Anyways


Katrina said...

At least most of your sisters are sleep deprived too! So we're all in this together! Lets look at this positively... feeling exhausted rocks!!

Chapman Channel said...

I wish I had realized how adorable leg warmers were...I would've had Everett in them every day of his life.

Amelia said...

Well You'll probably have a girl next and they can wear leg warmers until they are old enough to only wear a stained dora t shirt that someone gave them. AHHH!