Monday, March 1, 2010

We went to the art museum last week...the girls got themselves dressed up and we picked up Lilia and headed over. It is slightly scary taking 2 2-3 year olds to an art museum. We practiced at home though....I kept telling them, if you touch the art it will go " BEEEP BEEEP BEEP BEEP" so we did that about a thousand times. Then I said a security guard would carry them out. Over all it went really well and Lilia walked really cutely with her hands behind her back the whole time.

and they played in the kids area for a while. I've been pretty tired lately and lazy. I am not getting any huge things accomplished (except growing a baby) and keeping the two youngsters alive. Sleep is horrible, and I keep having weird hot flashes, and this guy is kicking, and moving and rolling around constantly. I think he already has ADD or something. That's really horrible to say. Anyways, I want a maid, a chef, a nanny, and hmmm what else...someone to give me endless feet rubs. That's all I need right now. Danny can log about 10 minutes in the feet rubbing department but that's about where it ends.

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