Tuesday, March 30, 2010

still waiting....

for my baby boy.
i do have some wonderful options to get the fire of birthing burning.....

a) take castor oil and get diarhhea for hours

b) take an herbal remedy like blue cohosh and get horrible never ending contractions

C) attach myself to a breast pump which also sounds painful

d) pitocin (been there done that hate it)

e) get a weird water filled catheter blowing things up down there

today I feel like I'm getting to that point where I'm desperate....I'm tired. I'm just wanting to have this baby. Danny says I have to get to the point of desperation where I'm up all night praying fervent never ending prayers that I will go into labor. that's what I did with Eva. I couldn't sleep so I just was like laying and moaning and praying. So I guess I need to have schedule an all night prayer athon tonight and hopefully I can negotiate with God enough to let me have this baby.
What can I promise to do? I will do 100 percent visiting teaching for the REST OF MY LIFE!!! I'll read the scriptures to my kids every night before bed.
I'll personally find homeless people and take them in. Well maybe not. that could be scary.
anyways......pray for me!


Katrina said...

I don't know.. Taking in homeless people might be a promise you need to make in order to get this baby out! hehe. I'll be praying.... and you need to be praying for me! Dealio?

Chapman Channel said...

I'm not even going to REMIND you that I already told you how to have your baby. 1. Jump on Rachel's bouncy castle for at least half an hour.
2. Eat everything off the Taco Bell value menu. 3. Take a Blue Cohash/Castor Oil smoothie...and you know the rest. Do I need to tell you this again tomorrow?