Monday, May 17, 2010

All this having a baby biz has really rocked my homeschooling schedule. I would say I started slacking a bit about 3 weeks prior to the event. We still have been trying to keep up with Math and handwriting. She also reads alot everyday. But right now her education involves a bit more diaper changing, lullabying, and carrying Harvey, who is almost half her size, around the house. Addie is working like a full time nanny around here and her energy for her little brother is intense. There is never a morning when she is too tired to hop right out of her bed when she hears him crying, run to his bassinet, change his diaper and clothes, and carry him to me. Today she sat rocking him in her little rocking chair, while I mopped and vacuumed. I think all of this baby loving energy helps offset the stress of Eva, who is loving in a more viscious baby smothering way. She will rock his baby swing with him in it with a look of insanity on her face. She also has felt like fighting about everything she can think of, mostly it's her wanting to torment someone, like putting her foot on Addie's chair, or deciding whatever Addie has is the best thing in the world. I'm trying to give her a large dose of love to hopefully counteract her middle child negativity. Today she sat on the couch looking really sweet and I said, "Eva give me a kiss!" So she gave me the biggest smacker and then yelled "We're MARRIED!!"

I really hope though everything feels easier this fall.
Addie expressed some interest in going to public school. It made the wheels start turning in my head...well okay. She would be fine. She's a smart kid, and she might enjoy it. She could use some more practice with seperating and being a bit more brave.

then I have this whole other line of thinking that is like....What will she be doing at school except sitting around at a desk. We'll miss all those hours together. Someday she'll be grown up and those are hours we can never get back. She is such a good helper now. Why should the school get all the best years of my kids life? She'll be in one room and one building every day of her life. She'll miss out on our trips to the farm, and museums, and long browsing sessions at the library, time to just play outside without a time line. Time to swing. Time to read. Time to draw and paint. I have many friends that told me they started homeschooling because their kids got off the bus at 4:00 watched t.v. for an hour, ate dinner, did homework and went to bed.

So I don't know what to do.


first lady said...

wow that is sad- really your friends kids do that every day. here is a break down on mine. kids get home around 330 we eat a snack, they do homework, when they get done with homework they are outside playing or if it isnt nice outside we watch 1 tv show til dinner , then after dinner we play more outside or play a board game. and my kids are in bed between 745 and 8. we got rid of cable, so we do netflix, and sat we usually go to the library or where ever we want to.

oh out here they dont sit at their desks all day long, while yes they do that but jordyn field trips this year was to the zoo, children museum and the list goes on, Elijah went to fort laramie, a powwow, teton science camp....

look into the school district and ask them what they do during the day and what field trip they go on .... I really liked xenia schools when we were in ohio, they were all year around, and when elijah had two weeks off, we as a family went to places that they were talking about at school, like science they talked about life cycle of a pumpkins ... then we went to a pumpkin farms, i was still invovled in his learning it was really fun, good luck deciding amelia

Amelia said...

You need to update your blog woman!
thanks for the rundown of your does help to get some other opinions. You're boys all have to be getting big too...soon you'll have an empty daytime nest! We live in Northmont and the elementary is Northwood. I thought about visiting the school if we really start thinking about it just to get a feeling for how it all works over there. I miss you guys! are you coming out this summer?