Thursday, May 6, 2010

sitting with Katrina and Nathan at the park today we were watching our youngsters run up and down the plastic play equipment. Kat and I had our babies in tow, perched on the bench, soaking up some vitamin d. I want to add there is nothing like having a sister have a baby along with's like a mirror. We see eachother going through it, see our bodies grow, give birth, and then admiring together the work we accomplished this past year. It's messy and it's not always perfect or fun and there are no pretenses. I guess we aren't much for pretenses anyway. But it is somehow so easy and comforting.
and it was very comforting when Eva and Lilia decided they desperately needed to use the restroom and Nathan bounded at top speed to get the baby potty they had brilliantly remembered. Addie decided she REALLY needed to go too and for that I want to thank my brother in law Nathan terry. Thank you thank you.
This particular park has no indoor facilities and last time Katrina took ALL THREE girls....two of them being mine, and helped them use the porta potty thingy.
Those portapotty's scare me to death. Last year I had a total I KNOW I AM A MOM moment when Eva, sat on the portapotty at a public park, and I had a weird vision of her falling into the murky yuck below. And without even analyzing the situation I knew I would immediately jump down into dark hole and save my child from the stinky well. I think it would be some kind of instinct.
So why didn't ma jump in the well to save carrie on little house on the prairie? that's my question of the night. Good night.


Katrina said...

hahah!! that's so funny. All I know is I am very glad I've had both my babies along with yours because it really helps during those first few months of feeling overwhelmed. We can be overwhelmed together!! It's sooo nice be with you when our babies are young and all we are really able to do for a big outing is go outside on a bench and nurse and cuddle our babies while our kids go playground crazy! hehe. Such wonderful memories us sista's can share together.

Rachel H said...

It is fun to be prego and have a baby with someone! But I think I thought it would be MORE fun...cuz like when I felt sick..Steph felt kinda sick too..and then it's like..who do I complain to? She's just as sick and tired as me!! haha...but seriously it is fun to have super cute cousins grow up together!

Monica Lawver said...

Amelia, I had no idea you were such a talented writer! Not that I didn't think you were smart... this is all coming out wrong... I'm glad I finally visited the blog, and have added it to Google Reader. I'll be able to follow your every move. I love technology.

You rock mommy of three!