Saturday, January 8, 2011

found this old picture of Eva sitting in a a cloud of stuffing...

I kind of like January. It's long empty stretch lends the mind to all kinds of possibilities. Like yesterday the girls were begging me to take them ice skating. Sure! Why not? Then I thought about the fact that it was 20 degrees out. And I have to carry a baby.....and Addie and Eva both would need alot of assistance. So that never happened. BUT it was a possibility. Instead we spent the afternoon building a "contraption". Picture this: An orange balancing on a tower of blocks. Behind it is a trash can. In front of the tower are a huge line of dominoes. Behind the dominoes is a slide made out of books. Behind the slide made out of books a ball is teetering on the edge of a chair behind that another slide and at the tippy top of the book slide is a crazy wooden wheeled dog. The dog went down knocked the ball which started rolling which knocked the dominoes which knocked down the tower which would make the orange fly into the trash can with a flourish. It was epic.
It really didn't work either.
I told you January was all about possibilities.

I had some nice piano moments last night playing Beethoven Sonatas. The kids and Danny were watching G Force in the background. I wasin my own world. I love the moonlight sonata. The WHOLE moonlight sonata. It's way awesome. Anyways, if that isn't a good day I don't know what is.

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Chapman Channel said...

haha...yes, January is about possibilities! I am possibly going to take down our Christmas decorations in January...I'm possibly going to gain like 15 pounds...I'm possibly going to get a cold from Everett :)