Monday, January 17, 2011

So we are all sick. Except Harvey and Danny. But all the females are sick. Is it horrible to get annoyed when your kids are sick? It's like I just want to force health on them. We've watched so much tv we are all going to have our eyes pop out of our head. And I've warned Eva over and over if we watch way too much TV our eyes will probably pop out of our head and Chilly will probably eat on of our eyes when it rolls across the floor. So watching too much tv is extremely risky. So our possibilities for January have been reduced to possibly be healthy enough to leave the house. Possibly not have to buy more kleenex boxes. possibly be healthy enough for us to celebrate Eva turning 4 at the beginning of February. And all I have to say to my family who is going to Florida in like 3 weeks is........I wish you the best time in the world and you won't once think about all of us sad souls sitting in snow and sickness and sniffles. I wish you joy and warmth and health. no sarcasm at all.