Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The word yo is truly miraculous. It's a one syllable grunt like word that conveys relaxed, low key, and very vanilla iced/teenage mutant ninja turtles esque hello. It's better than hi because it truly shows you are not too good to drop to the level of the early 90's at ANY given moment. And to truly show how fun and dorky you truly are please add "DOG" at least occasionally.
This week has been okay. I swear I have no SHORT TERM memory...its just totally gone. I can't hardly remember what I did yesterday or even a couple of hours ago. LET ME REALLY think hard...hhhmm. We went to my old friend from the IRS's wedding down in K.Tucky. IT was so HOT but it was pretty and out in the country with lots of hill's, and streams and such.
Monday we went to the Cincinnati childrens museum and natural history museum.
We didn't see the bodies exhibit because I thought it just seemed too creepy.
A funny conversation me and Addie had was as follows:
"HEY mom can I go swimming?"
"Sure just get into your swimsuit"
"Okay but I have to wear my birthday suit first."
me "Yep. get in your birthday suit first."
Addie..."Mom you don't have a birthday suit."
Me..."I don't?"
Addie...."NO you have an old lady suit."
Hey I'm only 27 and I already have an old lady suit??? oh well. to her I probably look as old as a decrepit 99 year old lady on her death bed.


Rachel H said...

Hahaa!!You are the next best thing to a living mummy.

Stephanie and Aaron said...

It's so funny that we seem so old to our kids, but on the whole human-life timeline we are really quite young. our perspectives change...