Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Poop Dah's

Eva is on a poop dah strike. Translated: She will not wear her diapers. I'm thinking about ducttaping them on her.
Poop dah was what she started calling diapers when she turned 13 months or so.
We couldn't figure out why she kept walking around saying "POOP DAHHH" Then finally I caught her carrying a diaper and chanting poop dah and I connected the whole thing together. So now she is talking more and will tell me when she needs to take care of business by saying...POOP DAH!!
She just won't keep them on her little bod. If she was like 2 I would just give up and switch to underwear but she seems so little still. hmmm....I dunno...but I do like saying POOP DAH.

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Rachel H said...

I know when Lisa's Ethan was opening his diaper they did eventually try putting a zip up sleeper on backwards and pinned with a safety pin at the top so he couldn't get to his diaper.

Of course in this heat you'd need to chop off the legs and arms of one!