Sunday, July 13, 2008

Update on No TV and other random thoughts

So our TV experiment of only 1 hour a day has been going superbly. I don't know why I didn't limit TV before....everyone else on the planet probably had this figured out with little kids. Anyways, I bought the timer and told Addie she had 1 hour of tv a day and that was it.
At first she was whining ALOT. After a while though she started giving up and just going and doing something else. Now since we have been on ONE hour of Tv for like 6 weeks now, I've noticed she will actually come up with new and creative things to do. Like this past week she would actually turn off the TV before her timer beeped and just run off and do something else.
Not only that we've loved having no drone of Dora or Blues Clues in the background of all our conversations. Mainly me and Danny have loved that. Have you ever noticed how much Dora yells at people? She's like "SAY BACKPACK!!!" "SAY BACKPACK!!!!!!!" It's like the producers seriously want kids to walk around like robots yelling "backpack".
Today is Sunday and we had a nice time at church. I want to give a shout out to all my homies in the Engle'hood' ward. Before we came to the Ward we had several people warn us very politely about how the Englewood ward is "different" and "special". I am really starting to feel at home though. Everyone is really genuine and very friendly and I think we just were in the Dayton branch for so long we are very very very grateful for a new environment. I love the Dayton Branch but like Addie says "Everyones different but some people are REEEEEAALLY different."
Anyways everyone is howling for me to make rice krispie treats so bye bye.


Rachel H said...

Have we had the conversation about Dora before? I feel exactly the same way- why is she ALWAYS yelling? Weird! If we got that show (which we don't) I would not let the kids watch it. TOO ANNOYING!

I am glad that the no tv thing is working. I think we may almost be down to 4 hours a day. So we're getting there. Maybe by Christmas we'll be there.

first lady said...

Glad to hear about the 'no tv'. We aren't down to a hour, but only morning cartoons is pretty good. The hardest part is comprising between 4 little ones, of course I am the deciding factor, but it still hard. :) You go girl !!!