Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Danny and I did a fireside for the youth on Sunday night. It went okay I think! They asked us "What we wish we knew" when we were teenagers. We both yakked on and hopefully said something that helped someone. Something I mentioned was how much time they have now to do whatever they want. I remember being a teenager and feeling SO BUSY but now that I have two little under age 5 ladies to run after, I am up close and personal with BUSY. But it's a good busy because helping Addie and Eva grow is just about the sweetest thing anyone could be busy with.
Addie really wants to take ballet. So I took her to Miss Leslies school of dance (which is a pink shrine to the 80's) and signed her up. Then I realized the only time she has for 4 year olds is 7:00 in the evening on Mondays. I was like..."She is usually almost asleep by 7:00!" I can't imagine wrestling her into tights and a leotard when normally she's in a nightgown slurping down a bowl of cereal before bed.
So today my quest is to get her into this other ballet place that has 4 year olds on Saturday mornings. They also don't do traditional recitals...where you have to pay like 100 dollars and buy a costume to watch your little tot stumble around the stage for 5 minutes. They do actual Ballets, like the Nutcracker and Swan Lake and all the costumes are loaned to the kids. They also don't allow them into the performance until age 6. The best part is it's cheaper than the Englewood place so I'm happy all around.
I've been reading this interesting book called "Liberal Fascism". It is a good review of historical politics and is really not a rant at liberals. It just talks about how certain politics follow patterns and reviews the history of fascism and how it applies to the LEFT not the RIGHT. I took a political science class in college that was awesome ,and the book has helped me remember some of what I learned.
ORPHANS: Mostly inspired by a friend of a friend who has adopted 2 little boys from overseas, I've started making a plan on how we (MY WHOLE FAM) can donate to the orphans for a Christmas project. I just think we and our kids have SO MUCH and seeing children who have literally nothing make it inexcusable for us not to help.

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Stephanie and Aaron said...

I love that Addie will be in ballet!!!!! That is so cute! And it's cool that she'll have the opportunity in a few years to actually be IN a ballet. Very nice. I want to shine up my political smarts, too...and Rachel showed me the orphans link and I seriously started crying...not in a bawling sort of way, but in a I can't believe this is actually happening I have to do something--sort of way.