Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You want fries with that?

I'm reading a book with that title and it's hilarious. It's some guy that decided to abandon his life as like an advertising executive and try out a bunch of minimum wage jobs. Which is sad he never had to experience the joy of minimum wage as a teenager/young adult like most of us. I guess his curiosity got the best of him. He starts out as a pizza delivery guy. I've never personally done this one but have threatened Danny repeatedly that we have to make more money or he's going to have to be the teacher who delivers pizzas at night. Basically he sums up the experience as this.....If you need something to do from 6-9 pm, have a reliable fuel efficient car,and do NOT need money, give thought to delivering pizza. Just don't act on it.

The next job he tries is that of ice cream scooper dude. I totally did this one!! It was my very first job when I was 16. I worked with two older Hispanic dudes who mumbled alot. The one younger guy I worked with would always sit on the counter and eat gummy bears with me. I didn't know it was against the rules. One day the "boss" who was like a 400 lb angry woman called us to the back and made us pay her 50 cents for the gummy bears we'd been eating.
I only worked there for one summer, but later I heard she got fired for stealing $500 out of the cash register. The author of the book classifies people who come into an icecream shop into categories:
THE COLLEGE GIRLS: probably what was ME...chubby girls always on a diet and constantly justifying why they deserve icecream and they want like 12 free samples before they decide on their flavor.
THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: People who do not ask for free samples and do not seem guilt ridden whatsoever.
THE SUFFERING DAD: A dad trying to give his kids a treat but ends up screaming at them, sending them to the car, and getting really embarassed.
THE TOWEL THROWERS: Extremely overweight people who ask for 2 scoops and a large mountain dew. The way they request their food has less excitement then if they requested, as the author said..."one tetanus shot and an ingrown toenail removal"
THE EAR TOUCHERS: middle age, busy ladies on cell phones. Life goal is to disprove the saying "A woman can never be too tan, too rich, or too thin".

That's where I've left off. I can't say scooping icecream though was the worst job ever...I'd have to say the worst one was working at the toy factory or the nut factory. My sis Stephanie though had the funniest/scariest jobs ever and PLEASE describe it here for me.

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