Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whats up?

Here are some random pics from the past week. I don't know how I didn't get any of Elsie, my newest niece, but I'll have to get on that ball quickly. Rachel and Steph came over to mi casa and we had a wet and wild time. Katrina came later and I think we had a total of 20 people over with 8 under the age of 6. SCARY. All the kids had fun and I think everyone contracted the same cold because everyone got sick the next day or two. Then we saw my grandma and aunt but I forgot my camera for that event. So these pics are a sketchy and inaccurate view of what my week was really like. But oh well. Whenever we all get together we should have a personal family "BABY Watchers" or whatever that show was called and invite local high schoolers who want to get pregnant. I think the group of all of us and our chaos could convince any teen wanting children to wait indefinately. I know we've all probably scared Natalie. I'm making a hat for a friend who just had a boy and Addie took that picture. She's a little photographer.
And I'll add in a delightful exchange Addie had with me last night. I was sitting on the floor looking at a home magazine, like Elle Decor, and the kids were playing on the floor. Addie came over next to me and was like...."Can I look at this with you?"
I said "Sure." So I start telling her about who lives in each home. Like the first one was a family with one kid. Then we looked at all the pictures. Then we turn the page and start looking at the next house which was the house of Nate Berkus.
Addie says "Who lives in this house?"
me "Just a man."
Addie looks at the picture of the living room skeptically. It has a huge bouquet of lilacs on the table. "Well why does it look like that?"
me..."He just decorated it like that I guess."
She still looks confused..."Did the lady die?"
me:"'s just a man. He had no lady."
We turn the page and look at his bedroom with more flowers.
Addie says decisively: "That's sad the lady died."
Oh well. I gave up. My child has solid flower associations with women I guess. I turned the page and saw the next house....
addie: "who lives in this one?"
Me...."Ummmmmm. " A really old man and a young man are smiling in front of the house.
"Two dudes".
Addie: "Why?"
ME: "Hey Addie do you want some strawberry icecream??"
End of conversation!!


Rachel H said...

mark and I always laugh about how many g*y couples are featured in all my home decorating mags. What ever happened to equality here? Ever seen a lesb* couple in a design mag? No! Apparently thier taste must run more along the lines of... weird harley loving gangs? I'm not sure- that's what I 'd imagine anyway. Ahh, well.

Amelia said...

That's so funny! I always say it's not Elle Decor if they don't at least feature one gay couple. I also noticed the families they feature usually only have ONE child and the house will be SOOO family friendly it's like swimming in family friendliness.