Saturday, August 30, 2008

I generally think Mccain is a bit teeth gritting

but his choice of Sarah Palin was perfect.
I've seen several news articles say..."She's no Hillary". Hello?? Why would we want a Hillary. The Clintons are on the award winning level of "Most likely to prompt mass suicide while watching Hillary preen on camera".
This is my personal very biased judgment and I can say whatever I want cuz it's my BLOG!!
Why Sarah Palin kicks Hillary's trash (love that expression)





HILLARY: 1 very snide daughter

SARAH PALIN: 5 kids with an adorable little newborn boy with down syndrome

HILLARY: slick Willy

SARAH PALIN: married for 20 years to an actual working man (I'll forgive the goatee)

HILLARY: tag team clinton life long politicians

SARAH PALIN: self made politician (no riding piggyback on a greaseball of a husband)

HILLARY: scary

SARAH PALIN: adorable

When I saw her I totally thought that was an awesome choice and I know she's tough enough to stand up to the harassment of the media. And if anyone even says "Experience" look at Obama's record. The thing that is horrible about Liberals though is that it is TOTALLY fine for them to go off about equal rights, discrimination and such, but if it's on the conservative side they will totally mock MCCAIN for being old, and SARAH for being a woman and a mother. It's really pathetic. But expect it.

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first lady said...

here amelia.... derek said look at the link... she is scary ha ha ha ha