Wednesday, October 29, 2008

if YoU hOpe fOR cHanGE VOTE

I'm doing my republican duty of entering in as many names and phone #s as I can into my computer so the republican girls who asked me to do data entry don't kill me.
ahem I mean for my own patriotic desires.

I think the intention is they will call all these people and tell them to vote Mccain.
Which I think is a good thing to do so I need to get my fingers going.

I also bragged to them about how fast I type and now I have nothing to show for it and 2000 names are due tODAY.

the problem: Eva wants to sit on my lap and pound the keyboard everytime I type or she wants to nurse like a newborn because she knows she's got me trapped.

as I say to addie...RUH ROH. (think scooby doo)

On the other hand I want to complain about Obama.
1. Bama scares me
2. Bama's middle name is hussein. that's not right.
3. I seriously honestly truthfully think he is a puppet and someone is moving his mouth and talking in another room.
4. When he talks I honestly don't believe his mouth matches up with the words that come out.
5. Doesn't that bother you?
6. He's probably the anti christ.
7. he's FOR universal preschool and I haven't sent my kids to preschool nor do I plan to thank you very much
8. When he says a word that should have an open mouth sound his mouth is closed.

and those are the most important reasons.

all the other things I'm for...babies not being left to die after attempted abortions, lower taxes for EVERYONE not just the po folks, less government spending, less government regulation, fewer government handouts, more individual responsibility those are just the side my sister Katrina said......

a mouse can get free cheese but it'll get snapped


Rachel H said...

Ummm, that was AwEsOmE. Oh yeah!

The Cochran Family said...

Pretty much dah bomb, for shizzle my McCainizzle!!!

The Cochran Family said...

i just realized my comment ahs been saved and I just postes a nerd, well now you just look popular....go me, or you...think positive! :)