Monday, October 13, 2008



OCTOBER 12th (Yesterday) DANNY is 32 and my baby brother Nathan is 17

OCTOBER 13th (today) Natalie is 20 and Aaron is 27.

We are libra dominated in this here fam. and my brother has had his identity stolen, Danny stole his birthday and Nathan Terry stole his name.

Turning 28 was monumental and I feel like a totally new person.

I am going to make a goal every day to honestly seriously, without sarcasm....
1.roll in the grass
2. sniff a flower
3. dance like nobodys watching
4. sing like nobodys listening
5. do the tango while holding a rose in my mouth
6. embrace every single person I meet
7. laugh like someone is tickling my armpits

all of these... AT least once a day. That's my goal.


Rachel H said...

hahahahaha. You deserve all that JOY and so much MORE.

Stephanie and Aaron said...

OH my heck...I think you echo every single one of Aaron's b-day goals!!! He was going to roll in the grass this morning, but then he felt like puking...bad start to his new b-day goals!!! Oh well, I think its only a 24 hour thing, so I plan on dancing the tango with him tomorrow!!

Amelia said...

Tell Aaron not to let anything foible his birthday goals. I might be throwing up but I will still be singing like no one is listening NON STOP.