Monday, October 6, 2008


I wanted to say to my sister Stephanie HAPPY BIRTHDAY on OCT 3!!! She is 26 and for one week we are only 1 year apart. Every night before bed Addie wants me to tell her a story about me when I was little. I told her about how You and I used to playtogether all the time growing up. You were my closest in age sister and we totally were like best friends growing up. We would rescue puppies from under the deck together, throw tadpoles, catch worms and frogs that you would always hold (I was too big of a wimp). I remember you biting me to the blood on my shoulder and mom bit you back! We would give our barbies butch hair cuts and play prom with them. I would leave you out when I had friends over and I always felt a little guilty. I remember how concerned I was in Jr. High about what my friends thought and being only friends with the socially acceptable people, while you would wear sweater vests with hearts sewn on them, and big glasses, and be friends with anyone in any grade. Including the people that drove everyone else nuts. I love you for how innocent and totally friendly you were to anyone.
In high school we were best friends again and I loved having someone who could understand me completely. Ben Merrill came over the other day and reminded me that the side of our car said, when he met me, "You don't have to live like a refugee" It made me laugh so hard.
Now we are both chasing little crazy tots all day and sympathisizing with eachother. Anyways, I know we'll be friends until we are old great grandmas laughing about whatever crazy thing we can dream up. I love you! Happy 26th birthday!

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Stephanie and Aaron said...

AHHHH! I love this! THank you thank you! I remember all of that, and more! I need to write in my journal some such entry in honor of my birthday.