Tuesday, November 25, 2008

woodle foodle noodle doodle poodle

Addie is learning how to write and discretely slid under the bathroom door some messages while the bathroom was occupied. I forced us to sit on the couch before church and pose for a family pic since we all looked so clean and fresh.

yes I know its early but talk to me when your 5 years old and desperately want a christmas tree
And check out Eva's "outfit"

Addie poses. Stephanie do you remember when you used to always cross your hands over your heart for pictures when you were like 6? Addie is totally with you on that.

My beautiful bowl

with an ugly backside


Rachel H said...

Your bowl turned out really pretty Amel. And that memory of Steph is priceless!!! haha!See ya tomorrow!

Stephanie and Aaron said...

Hey--my pose was very complicated...I had to criss-cross my index and pointer fingers on each hand and THEN criss-cross my arms with an angelic-slanted smile. I don't think any child can compete with THAT. BY THE WAY--I love your background!!! And the pics you just posted are GORGEOUS--I especially love you, addie and eva at the piano....and who can resist a bare tooshie decorating a christmas tree? EEK! so cute!

first lady said...

SO what is up with the word poop. !!! My kids all day long it feels like contently saying poopy poop butt and they just bust out laughing... why is it soo funny. sometime I help but just laugh with them.... Yeah jordyn is getting good at that writing thing too.

first lady said...

ps. I forgot I love your pictures... isn't time to be preggo again?? number three ??