Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Salvaged my bowl

They saved my bowl!!! It has a huge chunk out of the bottom and the bottom looks pretty harsh but it still works and holds liquid. I proudly served Danny cereal in it this morning and he was marveling at my talents and skills. (staring at it with half open eyes because it was still dark and I brought it to him in bed because I was excited to show him). SOoooooo
Last night I finished glazing 5 things and hopefully they'll cook up dandy with no mishaps.

Last night our ward had a service auction. I auctioned 4 free piano lessons and they went for like 120 (fake)bucks. I was like..if only people would really pay that much for lessons. I got 4 free hours of babysitting and I got a free haircut.

Danny took the day off work because someone drove through the fence, yes again, of our house in Dayton. I guess all of our porch sitting neighbors were shrieking and screaming in horror because the probably drunk or high man was driving 70 mph down Shedborne Rd and he wasn't slowing down. He drove up the curb and smashed our disgusting chain link fence down to the ground and drove up the hill in our yard and almost ran into the maple tree. i guess the fire dept had to come and everything. We had many eyewitnesses. You see, low income housing is around the block from the house aka. the projects aka. the drugstore. and I have to believe people in their drug desperation or hallucination just drive as fast as possible to get there and don't even notice they just smashed down our fence. Really you could practically put a road right through our yard and it would be a wonderful shortcut to "the drugstore".
So Danny's chore of the day is replacing the chain link fence.
My chore is....ummm. Babysitting Addie's friend and finishing painting a cupcake on a stepstool in between feeding, reading, playing, picking up, arts and crafting, and storytime.

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first lady said...

wow !! amazing ghetto people ;)