Wednesday, November 5, 2008

'bamed out

Yeah whatever
so every inner city person,
liberal idealist college kid,
and illegal immigrant went out and voted for 'bama.

i'm now preparing for armageddon.

buy large case of Aldi tuna
buy large case of Aldi beans and tomatoes
(what's a case?)

store some major water action
buy flourescent lightbulbs.
continue planning my super secret rondevoux location
in case of terrorist takeover.

should I buy a goat??


Stephanie and Aaron said...

YES!!! You should buy a goat--but can goat's swim? Because I thought our super-secret rendezvous point involved swimming to a certain 'nother country...hmmmm

Rachel H said...

You are so funny millie. I think you need 2 goats.... and a few chickens. And maybe a pony. (that's just for the kids, though- pony rides!!)

first lady said...

We have a spot out in the mountains do u u guys want to rondevoux out here, no one can find us in the mountains ???

Amelia said...

You guys all have excellent ideas/points.
steph-need a boat stat!

Rach- i like the way your mind works. can't forgo entertainment.

kristy-you may just see us on your front porch when the world is burning

The Cochran Family said...

LOL and that is not a fake LOL, I was trulyly layghing out Load! You crackin me up! the only things that come in cases here are Beer! I need to store enough gas to drive to Ohio....then I can just eat of your goat and boat and cases of ALDIs, I'll be set!