Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks given

Thanks to RACHEL for letting us all use her house for the celebration.

Thanks to my mommy for making some super awesome rolls and pies and basically slaving away the whole day in the kitchen.

Thanks to Stephanie for not killing everyone for freaking out about the turkey. And for making the best turkey I've EVER HAD in my WHOLE LIFE. Or at least since last year.

Thanks to Katrina and Nathan for not smooching too much at the party. And making some kick butt green been casserole.

Thanks to Natalie for playing soooooo sweetly with Eva, Addie and Dane. You totally have won Eva's heart again.

Thanks to Nathan for being a calm spot in the sea of chaos.

No Thanks to Aaron and Nathan Terry for making fun of ME!! I can't remember what it was about but trust me I know tae kwon do.

Thanks to Marks family for coming and having a lovely time with us and bringing an adorable puppy!

Thanks to Dad for buying all the toys to entertain the children.

And I just want every single one of you to know.....if I've forgotten you....


(insert picture of me looking very mellow and troubled or my buck tooth smile)


Rachel H said...

You are welcome. (Buck tooth smile back atcha!!)

first lady said...

I just figured it out about 6 mos ago... all I can really do right now is hats, but I can read patterns kinda. they confuse me sometimes but hey :)
Maybe we will see u if we make it back