Thursday, January 22, 2009

gotta gripe

okay I still can complain about politics right?

why I'm troubled by 'bamas inauguration

point A: the fact everyone was freaking about the opening prayer dude being anti gay...

point B: the insane amount of media hype till I seriously expected the second coming to happen right during the ceremony

point C: the "poem" sounded like something I would've written in 9th grade english and everyone looked so bored to tears people were walking out enmasse while that could tell she was like so proud of herself she was ready to burst. It was just so sad it was funny. and what was with all the

point D: they got the swearing in totally wrong and they had to re-do it privately the next day.
The moment the whole of hollywood and America is waiting for and they botched it. Why do we keep believing that the gov't. can do anything well? So he actually wasn't the pres. from that moment.

that was so ridiculous. I seriously thought it was a joke that someone spliced in from the sixties. I just had my mouth hanging open in confused shock.
that was the BEST they could come up with. FOR REAL. like this sacred moment everyone is waiting for and they don't choose anything inspirational or patriotic or uplifting.

p.s. For his celebratory roe vs wade anniversary he's going to reverse a bunch of abortion laws bush put into effect. and this election was totally not about abortion...riiiiiiighhhht.


Chapman Channel said...

oh yes, you seriously hit that right on! I am speechless with annoyance about the media and how ridiculous everyone is about it all. I seriously have been ready to make a pilgrimage to Canada just to escape the annoying liberal media crap!!!

Amelia said...

only canada is no better! we need to make our own crazy country on a deserted island. then all of our kids will be forced to inter marry and stuff. that wouldn't be good I guess.

first lady said...

you wantta know what I am annoyed with, on tuesday me and quenton were watching our normal tom and jerry on cartoon network AND between EVERY episode (which they usually show 3 in a row before commercial) there was a commercial so we saw a total of 5 episode, and asked silly question to kids about the white house like if you were president what color would u change it to? BUT Every KID they asked was some type of minority NOT one white or caucasian (whatever is correct these days) to answered a question ...ummm AND WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL that he is president. did we forget that he was raised by white people (soorry I don't want to sound horrible saying it but it is true) .... and how people react "i never thought the day would come that the president would be african american.... PLEASE folks I knew it would happen just like one day there will prolly be a woman for president too ... ... BUT FOLKS GET OVER IT .... AND MOVE ON .... AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS

sorry amelia for venting ... but it is ridiculous

Amelia said...

hahahaha. I agree with you totally.
It's like we just came out of the civil war last month or something.

Rachel H said...

AMEN sister! AAAAMMMMEEEENNN. I jusr loved Rush's comment about how the poet lady sounded just like his GPS system-lady. AWESOME!

Katrina said...

I was truly baffled by all of it... I feel like I'm living in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.....Lots of crazy people all around!!..... if that makes any sense????? hahaha.