Saturday, January 3, 2009

what the.....

When Addie was a little toddler one of the first things she said was....
"what the.....?"

Today has been a "what the...?" day.  

I will say before I start we bought a new car yesterday.  It's a white Honda Pilot and it's my crazy mom vehicle.  I'm now an insane large vehicle driving mormon mom.  And we will be paying it off until the end of time.  So oh well.  Now danny keeps hinting that he wants to fill it with loads of kids....hmmmm.

anyways...there is a really scary baby doll sitting here on the floor and it for no reason whatsoever keeps saying "I love you" .  well it has a button that you push and it says " I love you"  but no one is pushing the button.  I'm afraid.

Back to today....So we dropped a large chunk of our future cash yesterday on a new car and this morning I was laying in bed thinking to myself..I'm not sure why but I was thinking.."Wow Eva is a really healthy baby.  She's never had to go to the dr. for anything except her shots and stuff."  So I was probably being very prideful and thinking I was such an awesome mom to have such a hearty little child and needed to be struck DOWN.
Because within ten minutes Eva was running down the hall and I heard a very loud CRACK.
She had fallen and slipped on a blanket and was screaming.  She hit the back of her head I guess. I picked her up and figured it was just like any other time she had cracked her head on something.  When I picked her up her eyes totally rolled back in her head and and she went limp.  I started like yelling and screaming "Call 911!"  She went unconscious for about 2 minutes.  She was white and her lips were turning blue.  I didn't know if she was even breathing.   I've never seen anyone pass out like that and it scared me like crazy.  I just held her and tried to get her to wake up.  Danny called 911 and they sent an ambulance and police and everything.  
The scary part was I felt so out of control and I felt like just a little bit of what it feels like to have a really bad tragedy happen to my child.   It was such an unpredictable thing and I never would think something like slipping on a blanket could knock her out like that.   Danny and I were both thinking the same never know what could happen and there is nothing we can do sometimes to save our kids from tragedy and only God could intervene one way or another.

After a couple minutes of being unconscious she started crying and the paramedics put her with her head strapped into her carseat with tape.  The funny thing is she totally stopped crying and just had this look on her face like...I really did it this time.  I'm in big trouble!  I rode in an ambulance for the first time in my life.  The paramedic dude kept telling me about how his toy fox terrier just set the world record for # of puppies born in one litter...9.  Congrats.  She also got a pink teddy bear on the ambulance she's been toting around with her the rest of the day.

by the time we got to the E.R. she was looking better and her color was normal.  They checked her out and said she had a concussion but didn't want to do a cat scan unless she starts like having seizures and throwing up and stuff.  They said kids can pass out for up to 5 minutes when they hit their head!   
All I kept thinking was how quickly a tragedy can happen and how grateful I am that she is okay.  She is seriously a daredevil and has been jumping off of things all evening.  How quickly she forgot.  I'm appreciating the small stuff though like hearing her say...doo doo doggy (translated chilly doggy)
watching her run with my cell phone laughing while she prank calls people....

handing me pen/printer paper scrawled pictures

removing her diaper for the hundredth time today....
I'm thankful.


Rachel H said...

We are ALL thankful itty bitty Eva is ok!! We can't replace her!

Katrina said...

Your "What the?!" entry, also needs to include our evening of delight at La Rosa's pizza! haha..

Chapman Channel said...

I think that hearing this story makes me feel a renewed gratitude for Eva, and all of our family! It also makes me want to take a first aid/CPR class really bad, because I don't know the first thing about reviving or saving people...maybe Katrina can have a family first aid class for us...hmmm, just a thought.