Monday, January 26, 2009

little girls little sled little hills

venturing down the miniature hill in the backyard.
and multitudes of snow angels!

January has had long days that never seem to end. Lots of time for snowmen, sledding, baking, and sitting in front of the fireplace.
Last night we spent the evening with mom and dad and Nate. dad and danny turned the basement into a movie theater and grandpa got to snuggle the girls while they ate popcorn and watched Evan almighty.
Mom and I organized her pictures and talked about how fast the year has gone by.
From Eva's first birthday, to Stephanie giving birth to Everett and Rachel having Elsie, to boatrides and picnics, and birthdays and cakes, and long walks outdoors. Pushing swings in the blazing sunshine and walking in the woods. Fall leaves, and pumpkins, and a beautiful Thanksgiving feast. The sparkle and lights of christmas and now we are here in January. And all of our memories from this last year, as a huge family, are in a delicious blur. And I want to tell you, my wonderful family, I love you, and I love that we share all this joy collectively.

p.s. and now I go about planning Eva's second birthday party
I'm thinking Sunday Feb. 15th.


Katrina said...

I know this year has gone by sooooo fast. And, it has definitely been a good one! Feb. 15th works for the Terry family! May the new year of birthday's begin!

Amelia said...

and the theme is "baby owls"

Rachel H said...

Beautiful sentiments little sis.
=) Love ya!

Chapman Channel said...

I loved this post--sweet! I love our family too :)