Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the sky is so blue it looks purple almost.....what would that color be called?

Tuesday is my new update the blog day.

I feel like I just don't totally mesh with adulthood. It's like the two of us...me and being an adult are awkward together and we just have to live uncomfortably together for eternity.

not that I'm wanting to move to my parents basement, or start clubbing, or start a garage band or something. I just always feel like a kid walking around in large adult size shoes.

and I have the habit of sticking my FOOT in my mouth because I speak before the brain turns on. SO I was helping a friend check out a free piano her neighbor was giving away.

Now this was in an empty house and It looked like a realtor was there so I didn't know this piano had sentimental value to anyone. So I looked it over and played up and down it and said....Well it's about a hundred years old and the sound board is kinda cracking but you have nothing to lose. And if you play it for ten years you can always have a sacrificial burning in the backyard when you can afford to buy a new one.

at that the lady gasped and was like..."Oh please please don't. this was my aunt's piano and she just went into a nursing home and she loved this piano. I just want someone to love this piano."

whoops. I felt bad....."Just kidding of course....oh no. I've definetely seen way worse pianos...I've had way worse pianos..and this one well....she's a beauty. A really beauty." As I scooted out the door.

hopefully they still give her the piano.

then I had to go sign papers to refinance the house.

we stopped by the library and Addie realizing we've read every single "Froggy" book and every single "Junie B. Jones" book. So now we're looking for a new series.....

something funny was Eva praying over lunch today. She has been independently saying prayers ALL THE TIME. It is so cute...she always has her eyes open and she looks at whatever she is praying about. So she was like...."Please bless the noonoos (noodles) Please bless Addie's Noonoos (noodles) Please bless the water, please bless Addies water, Please bless the (staring at the peaches) I no know....Please bless Addie's (staring at the peaches) I no know.

Those were the highlights of this May day.



Natalie said...

<3 noonooos that is ADORABLE!!!! i wish i could get that lil tot to snuggle with me hahah! that is way funny about the PIANO!!!!!! "yeah, it looks like a piece of...OH i mean WHAT a LOVELY piano!!"

Rachel H said...

Hahah! Great post. I love the way toddlers talk. It is so awesome. i still don't get that I am like GROWN UP. FULLY. Supposedly. I guess. I mean...am I really?